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James’ Thoughts on Apple Wearables

There are some arguments floating around which I’ll sum up here:

  • A wearable product could not sell at the same volume as the iPhone, even at a sub $200 price point
  • A sub $200 product selling in significantly lower volume than the iPhone/iPad will not move the needle for apple
  • The iPhone is so profitable for Apple at least in part because of Carrier subsidies, which is a market distortion they will not be able to reproduce elsewhere.

These arguments, combined with the slew of new types of data we see in the Healthbook leaks, and Apple’s previously stated interest in medical devices gave me an idea:

What if Apple could reproduce the market distortion they have with iPhone? Health insurance companies give their customers a break if they go to the gym, and they cover preventative care. It makes business sense.

Would Health insurance companies cover wearables that provide detailed health tracking?

My take: If there’s a company that could make it happen, It’s Apple.

(music: Happiness by Tondrae Kemp)